The bride became an old woman of 70 years for the wedding photo.

wedding_old_woman_70_year_old_04The groom waits for the bride to the wedding photo. But he will have a BIG surprise. Location : Shenzhen, China








The bride-to-be arrived but it was a big surprise when the groom-to-be sees her with a special makeup that makes her age like an old woman of 70 years.
She tells him she wanted to see if he would still like this and he still wanted to take pictures with her.
The man asked her to redo her makeup and davant his refusal, he screamed and went public directly.

She remained in the street crying alone.


Big surprise for the groom : his bride is now a 70 year old woman

wedding_old_woman_70_year_old_02 wedding_old_woman_70_year_old_03 wedding_old_woman_70_year_old_04



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