LY SON Island has splendid landscapes with wonderful turquoise water beach and garlic fields – Vietnam.

ly_son_island_vietnam_03The island is formed by several eruptions of volcano a thousands years ago. The island is also called “The Second JEGU island”








The island is also called “The Second JEGU island” Jegu is a very famous island in Korea.

  • Located about 28km from the mainland . You can take a speed boat from Sa Ky, Quang Ngai province
  • The island is created from five different extinct volcanoes during the prehistoric age.
  • There is a famous and strange pagoda called ” Chua Duc”
  • There are a lot of garlic field at the foot of the mountain. Ly Son is well known for the garlic.and it is named “Kindom of Garlic”
  • Ly Son has abundant cultural and historical relics, wonderful garlic fields, breath-taking beaches with white sand, special turquoise water and pebbles lying along the seashore.and imposing rock cliffs and mountains.

ly_son_island_vietnam_01 ly_son_island_vietnam_02 ly_son_island_vietnam_03


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