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Kylie Jenner Style Makeup Full Tutorial – 10 tips on how to make your eyes look bigger


Before or After Surgery ? This tutorial shows you how to make your eyes look bigger, without surgery

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The bride became an old woman of 70 years for the wedding photo.


The groom waits for the bride to the wedding photo. But he will have a BIG surprise. Location : Shenzhen, China

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He is the fattest kid in China.


This boy lives in the Guangdong province and he is China’s fattest kid.

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Katie Melua discovers a real spider living inside her ear. She had strange shuffling noises in her ear.

katie melua spider in her ear

Look what the doctor found in Katie’s ear.

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A poor 62 year old man who lives in a cage he calls home.


Chang Wai Man is 62 years old and look where he lives … and he is not the only one to live like this.

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Pregnant mistress attacks the bride during the wedding


Vidéo montrant une maitresse enceinte semant la terreur lors d’un mariage de son ex.

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Kate Middleton is pregnant again

kate_middleton_pregnant_a girl

Kate Middleton est enceinte à nouveau de son deuxième bébé

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Daft Punk walk in green underwear – Brit Awards 2014


Daft Punk apprarait en slip vert sur le tapis touge au Brit Awards 2014

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Tyrese Gibson really cries and breaks down in tears at Paul Walker’s crash site.


Tyrese Gibson pleure de toutes ses larmes à l’endroit où Paul Walker a eu l’accident mortel.

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Paul Walker’s girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell is devastated after Paul’s sudden death this weekend.


La petite amie de Paul Walker, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell est dévastée par la perte brutale de Paul Samedi 30 novembre 2013.

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