Monthly Archive: November 2014

The bride became an old woman of 70 years for the wedding photo.


The groom waits for the bride to the wedding photo. But he will have a BIG surprise. Location : Shenzhen, China

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He is the fattest kid in China.


This boy lives in the Guangdong province and he is China’s fattest kid.

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Katie Melua discovers a real spider living inside her ear. She had strange shuffling noises in her ear.

katie melua spider in her ear

Look what the doctor found in Katie’s ear.

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A dog had fallen in a big pool of hot tar and became rock-solid and unable to move . Amazing rescue.

dog rescued fell hot tar

This dog had fallen into hot tar and had little chance to stay alive …

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A poor 62 year old man who lives in a cage he calls home.


Chang Wai Man is 62 years old and look where he lives … and he is not the only one to live like this.

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