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Kylie Jenner Style Makeup Full Tutorial – 10 tips on how to make your eyes look bigger


Before or After Surgery ? This tutorial shows you how to make your eyes look bigger, without surgery

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Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens Official HD Teaser Trailer – Movie HD – J.J. Abrams


Star Wars episode 7 also known as Star Wars The Force Awakens is scheduled for imminent release on December 18, 2015.

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LY SON Island has splendid landscapes with wonderful turquoise water beach and garlic fields – Vietnam.


The island is formed by several eruptions of volcano a thousands years ago. The island is also called “The Second JEGU island”

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The BAN GIOC Waterfall is Vietnam’s most beautiful waterfall.


Admire the spectacular beauty of BAN GIOC. This is the world’s fourth largest waterfall.

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The photographer is in danger photographing lava – Superb images.


This is an amazing image of a photograph in danger, captivated by the scene of hot lava.

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Amazing video of a cat nursing ducklings


The ducklings are enjoying the protection of their new mother the cat. Adorable video.

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A wonderful love story between a dog and a deer


Kate is the dog anf Pippin is the deer. They are really in love and even if they can not speak, they show us a beautiful lesson of love.

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Have you ever seen this very strange fish with big red lips ?


This is a very special species and very rare.

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How to open a beer bottle in 21 different ways.

21 ways to open a bootle

Very cool video showing how to open a bootle without a regular bootle opener.

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Strange and weird healing method in Thailand – Sucking the blood from patient’s head.


This is the first time a video show clearly such strange healing method practiced in Thailand.

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